“Makolet aims at creating & sustaining a lifelong loyalty with its consumers. We have a host of services, that has created emotional bonds between the consumer and the brand so that the brands are not just loved and respected, but are proactively sought after and retained”

Explainer Videos

We provide our customers with amazing video creatives such as whiteboard and 3d animations that explain your business to potential clients. Our explainer videos are proven to drive up clients by 75% in the market.

Corporate Branding Solutions

We believe great experiences get people talking about brands. This is why we combine insights, data, creativity, and strategy to connect brands and people in the right spaces and places. We provide a  full spectrum of branding support for your company over multiple verticals, platforms, and touchpoints.

Product Demo

Consumers today are informed than ever before. In order to approach such a well-informed audience, a brand has to do more than just ‘being present.  We bring your products to life with mesmerizing 3D product demos and let your clients feel it. Go deeper inside or showcase a full assembly.


Make creatives that brand your identity. We ensure your creatives personify your brand and idea. We ask you a brief to understand your ideas that in turn helps us to get clarity on what your tastes are. This helps us communicate better to our designers that helps in creating eye-catching designs that suit your creative needs.

  • Logo designs
  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Catalogue
  • Infographics
  • Web Banner (Social Media)

Email Newsletter

If you have finally decided to settle for a newsletter and you are looking for someone to help you out with the idea, here’s where your search ends. We help you in choosing and customizing your newsletter templates that will suit your business needs.

Social Media Management

The current generation focuses to make their presence felt online,  Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.,  creates ‘share-worthy’ ideas that spread virally in the blink of an eye. We provide you with a social media strategy and social media page management across all your social media platforms

Presentations and Publications

To us, research and presentations are not just about damage control. It’s about putting your best foot forward every time. It has a strategic role. It entails making your brand flexible in rapidly changing scenarios. With our integrated presentations, we influence public perception of your brand/company and ensure their loyalty in the long run.

We provide specific Pitch Decks, Corporate Presentations, Annual Reports, Sales Proposals and Infographics with your brand elements that create lasting impressions.

UX & UI Design / Web Design

Create the right Omni-Channel UI/UX experience across Web and Mobile, consistent with your brand story.

Visual Identity and Branding

Entering into a market without any prior research is like stumbling around in a room full of darkness. In order to successfully exist in the market, a thorough analysis must be undertaken for a better understanding of the factors that can make or break a brand. We provide a Visual Brand Identity across all channels – design logos that describe your values, colours that match your pulse and reflect the same on your social media and business cards.