About Us

Makolet Media is a vibrant media visionary offering new technologies with enhanced effectiveness. We provide visual content gateway which drives traffic to your website, products or services. Through the built in data analytics tools, we add visual appeal which makes your contents noticed.

Our media team follows both strategy and creativity, thereby growing brand awareness. We unlock the basic search functionality and help you connect to the targeted users every category based on their interest and geographic location.

At Makolet, we master at expressing your ideas through elegant digital illustrations. You can interact with your customers, even when you are not directly speaking to your audience. This offers remarkable success to businesses, as we create contents that ignites and engages audiences.

As the media market attains growing popularity with a steep increase in the number of ideal customers who make online activities, we welcome you to maximize the potential of your business with  Makolet

About Us
Our culture

At Makolet  Media our work culture speaks of shared values, attitudes, principles and views that characterize members of our organization. It is the root of our organization. It helps us set our goals, strategies and structure.

about us

Makolet Media aims at  providing a professional and creative consistency that helps to improve our client’s visibility and drive traction to their businesses.

Our Approach

our approach

We value creativity and encourage employees to feel inspired about their work and to find meaning and innovation in their individual roles. We nurture those who strive to learn and improve and who recognize and value opportunities. We embrace high work standards and make sure our values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, commitment and sustainability come to life in the way we work. By engaging in best practices, our employees are more likely to engage in co-operative behaviours towards their co-workers and the organization – like going out of the way to help their colleagues.

Makolet media head
Media Head

Andrew Pandian


Andrew Pandian has 10+ years of experience in Photography, Cinematography, Graphic Designing, Sound Engineering and 3D Animation workflow. Has worked as a Creative Head and lead a team of professionals in event organising which involves designing graphical elements and stage design. Worked as an associate cinematographer. Has his own DJI drone, doing aerial Photography and Videography. Has done Vision mixing using Blackmagic Atem Switches,  Has worked as a graphic designer cinematographer covering the entire Asia continent. He loves to do with the Adobe  Creative Cloud family.  Awarded as a Young Photographer  in Still Life Category by Better Photography Magazine.

Graphic Designer



Joshua is a young artist and musician who is enthusiastic about graphic design. He has 5+ years of experience as a graphic designer and freelancer working with many gospel artists. He is well versed in designing Flyers, Brochures, Digital Posters, and more. As a Graphic Designer, He is passionate about doing creative and cool design ideas to improve your brand quality.

Editor & Animator



Gowtham is a VFX editor, Director, and Animator. He Has five years of experience in VFX and Postproduction and runs a YouTube channel with short films and Musical Albums. He has done his Masters in Multimedia Visual.

Visual Artist

Thanigai Vel


Thanigai Vel is a Digital Artist, Animator, and illustrator interested in creating new digital art ideas. His passion for drawing and Animation has earned him a lot of plaudits inside and outside Makolet. He creates magic with his tools providing splendid visual content.

Thanigai Vel Photo

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