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How to make your Website Mobile-Friendly in 2022

In recent years mobile phones have become an inseparable part of  our daily lives. In a recent survey in 2022 mobile platforms account for over 58.99%  of overall web traffic that is more than half of the global web traffic.  Globally around 94% of the mobile users search for local information on their mobile phones.

Need for Mobile Friendly website

When your website is mobile friendly, you can interact and engage with your brand across all devices without being ignored.  Also a mobile friendly website builds trust as online users as 57% of online users will ignore your brand if you have a poorly designed mobile website.

Things to know when building a website for mobile devices

1)Make Your Website Responsive

The first thing we need to keep in mind while designing a  website is to make it easier for the customers.  The site should respond to the device its being displayed and also optimise its appearance accordingly.

2)Make Information Easier

Usually people lookout for information on their smartphones like nearby restaurants, any services in that case they need the information as fast as possible. Research what information the visitors will be looking for when they head to the website.  So it’s important to place that information in the right place where the people find it easily.  The things usually customers look for are the FAQs and the contact details so make sure to place all the information where people will find it easily.

3)Blocking Ads and Pop-ups

When reading information nobody likes ads and pop-ups  in the middle of any context on a small screen.  It will be annoying when big ad or pop-ups block your page. In rare cases visitors won’t have patience to minimise the popup and read the contextual information, they just ignore and find another website. If your content is a positive user experience then try to avoid ads or pop-ups that block the content. In case if you feel that those ads or pop-ups are necessary then make it easy to cancel them.

4)Website Speed

In today’s world everyone is using a faster internet and if your website loads slowly then they don’t have enough patience and won’t wait around. Studies have shown that mobile loading speeds most websites take is around 5 seconds to load fully.

Some tips to improve your mobile Speed:

  1. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for speeding the load times for your web pages on mobile devices.
  2. Another factor that reduces your loading speed is the usage of images and CSS. Try to compress your images so they will load faster without affecting the loading speed.
  3. Upgrade to a web hosting service that matches your requirements.

5) Web Design

Complicated website designs cause a lot of confusion for visitors to navigate your site on a small screen.  Stick to a minimalist design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate and they can easily find what they are looking for. A simple design also contributes to faster load time.

6)Your Button Size Matters

It’s easy to click on the button of any size on the desktop screen but when you are using a small screen we find it difficult to click with your fingers as small buttons are hard to handle. So it’s advisable to use bigger buttons and should be placed on the screen that can be accessed easily.

7)Font Size

Visitors find it much more difficult to read on small screens if the font is tiny. So it’s best to use a font size of at least 14PX on your web pages. Try to stick to standard fonts.


Developing a website to be mobile-friendly is vital but at the same time it should deliver a flawless user experience across any device. Follow the above mentioned steps and have a good mobile user experience. Once you are done with the above steps try to test it out on your mobile device. Regular testing is the best way to find out the small issues and rectify it later rather than creating a worse experience for your visitors.

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