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App Development Trends In 2022

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App Development Trends in 2022:

The usage of Mobile Application is on the increase and the technology is constantly evolving. As a Graphic designer, it’s a big challenge to keep up with the latest trends. Today businesses are using Mobile applications for promoting their products/services and for Brand identity.

Below are the trends in App Development that will rule 2022:

Micro UI Animations:

The handy animations are one of the latest UI trends and people are getting attracted to it. When it comes to fitting all of the necessary information on a small screen, micro-UI animations can come in handy. This makes it easier to hide less important features, which can then be expanded with appealing visuals.

Design with Rounded edges:

The most common UI designs in App development are rounded edges. The reason why they are designed in rounded edges is that the human brain always thinks that round edges are safe. For example, toddler’s toys have rounded edges. And these designs make the design more captivating and engaging.

Advanced Animation:

For a better user experience animation plays a major role in app development. Animated motions add rhythm to interactions, confirm actions, deliver data and explain changes.  In short, Animations tell a story about your brand and showcase your products/services in an engaging way that grabs the user’s attention.

Asymmetric Menus and Galleries:

Utility of Asymmetric menus in design brings attention to specific menus. It can strengthen your brand’s identity and bring a fresh look to your application. Through the disruption of patterns it can flow with the audience’s visual flow. In the case of an ecommerce website, multi-product asymmetric menus are good as it gives a polished feel.

Dark Mode:

Many applications are using Dark mode to provide their users with the most appealing user experience. This dark mode is easy on the user’s eyes and also prolongs your battery life. The overall look will be good against the dark background with clear visibility in each detail. The dark mode design will look classic and elegant. Due to higher contrast the content will be more readable and lets your eyes rest.

3D Graphic Design:

3D in UI will be an eye-catching design with interesting looks. They can serve a clear functional purpose with sophisticated graphic designs. This feature will be best suited for E-commerce applications as it makes the product look more appealing as we can have a 360 degree view of the product.


Recreating shapes and textures of the application close to the original features. Neomorphism takes graphic designs to the next level and is popular with app icon design. Some examples of user interface using Neomorphism trend is setting menus, galleries and calculators.


These app development trends will give the user a seamless experience, appealing look and easy to use. And it is important for the application designer to stay with the latest trends as it will make your brand more trustworthy. To stay ahead of the competitors designers you need to offer the user with better interface experiences.

Mobile technology is advancing rapidly and the trends in Mobile development are also changing the industry and we need to keep an eye on the latest advancements and incorporating those trends will help you to stay ahead among the competitors.

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